Thursday, 28 May 2015

Ideas to keep you alert at night

I'm writing a new book and need some help. It's called "The Office After Dark". It's about working at night. Working at night is not like working 9-5. As a night worker you are in grave danger of being bored out of your mind. The problem is that at night there is less work. So night workers often suffer from boredom and fatigue. So you need something to keep your mind active and alert.

Here is the list of things I have come up with so far. Any more ideas?

Knitting (only do if you are alone in the office, or the other people knit as well),

Crochet (easier than knitting and doesn’t have the sound problem),

Needlepoint (crew embroidery, applique, tapestry, cross stich or darning),


Sudoku or other puzzles,


Books (if you don’t get too engrossed, if you need to watch a screen you could always listen to audiobooks),

Cards (on the computer or others in the office),

Board games (on the computer or others in the office),


Learn a new language,

Study for exams,

Write a blog,


Exercise (yoga, Pilates, stretches, but don’t do anything where you could be injured),

Food preparation (could be more of a job, but you could make lunch for everyone on the day shift, or your family),

Read newspapers or magazines,

Personal correspondence,

Research you holidays,

Sort out your stamp collection,

Drawing (something you could pick up and put down without making a mess),



Jewellery making,





Singing (providing no one can hear you),

Music (electronic instruments can have headphones so you don’t disturb anyone else),

Wood carving,


Memorise batting averages (not for everyone but then you never know when it might be useful in a pub quiz),

Work on your memory palace,

World building,

Model making,



Lego Building,

Drama (learn your lines for an amateur dramatics group),



Geocaching (you hide objects and then other people have to find them. This is a great way to connect with your colleges on another shift),

Computer coding (create your own software or create a best selling game),

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