Friday, 29 May 2015

How to get your 2-Weeks off work!

Are you having a problem trying to book your holiday with your manager? We all look forward to that two week break, where we can go off with the family or friends. No more cares or worries. It’s just about enjoying yourself and may be if you are lucky getting a bit of sun too.

However you not only have to find that ideal holiday, you also have to get that time off from work. So how do you do it? What are you going to say that is going to get you that time off you want? Will begging work? What about playing the family card? After all it’s not your fault that the school only lets you take your kids away then? Do you find a flunky to take on your workload while you are away?

You deserve that two week break. What’s more you are entitled to it. So go out there and get it!

What you need is a way to ensure that you can have the time off you want, when you want it. What you need is a holiday management plan! You need a procedure that allows you to book the time off you want. You don’t want to have to sell your soul every time to want a holiday. The company should make it easy for you. The company should tell you how to have the time off you want.

A Holiday Management Plan is there for everyone. It is there to help you book the time off you want. After all nobody likes having to go on bended knee every time you want some time off. It shouldn’t be up to you to manage your own absence. You shouldn’t have to find someone else to do your work while you are away or prove that you are not needed that week. I holiday is a right not a luxury.

Basically a Holiday Management Plan states who can be off when. It says how many can book a holiday and when they can book that holiday. And if you abide by the rules then you can have that two week break of your choice because your manager can’t say no to you. It is unconditional. You have met the terms so you are off.
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