Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Quiz Questions

Merry Christmas

This year I was asked to write the quiz questions for the Village Old Fokes Christmas Lunch. So here are the questions:

1) Which of these Saints are NOT associated with Christmas?

a.      St. Christopher
b.     St. Lucy
c.      St. Nicholas
d.     St. Stephen

2)  Which Christmas Carol contains the line “Make the Yule-tide gay”?

a.      Away in a Manger
b.     Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
c.      Do You Hear What I Hear?
d.     Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

3) Which of these people is not a Wise Man?

a.      Balthasar
b.     Caspar
c.      Melchior
d.     Wade

4) What year was “Return to Sender” by Elvis Presley the UK Christmas Number 1?

a.      1960
b.     1962
c.      1966
d.     1968

5) On which trees will you get mistletoe?

a.      Apple
b.     Elm
c.      Mistletoe
d.     Strawberry tree

6) Which of these is one of Santa’s reindeer?

a.      Comet
b.     Moon
c.      Pluto
d.     Sun

7)  How many birds did my true love send to me?

a.      6
b.     12
c.      78
d.     184

8) What year was the Queen’s Christmas Speech first broadcast?

a.      1948
b.     1950
c.      1952
d.     1954

9) Where did Queen Victoria like to spend Christmas?

a. Hampton Court
b. Osborne House
c.      Sandringham
d. Winsor Castle

10) What year was the Boxing Day tsunami?

a.      2000
b.     2001
c.      2002
d.     2004

11) Which Scientist was born on Christmas Day?

a.      Charles Darwin
b.     Galileo Galilei
c. Isaac Newton
d.     Leonardo da Vinci

12)  Which was the 1942 Christmas movie?

a.      Holiday Inn
b.     It’s a Wonderful Life
c.      Miracle on 34th Street
d.     The Nightmare Before Christmas

13)   In the song “Jingle Bells” how many horses pull the sleigh?

a.      1
b.     2
c.      4
d.     8

14) In what year were the first British Christmas stamp issued?

a.      1846
b.     1920
c.      1935
d.     1962

15)  Who was the first person to eat Turkey on Christmas Day?

a.      Queen Elizabeth 1st
b.     St George
c.      Henry VIII
d.     Queen Victoria

16) How many points does a snowflake have?

a.      0
b.     5
c.      6
d.     Any number

17)  Who served up Figgie pudding in Christmas Carol?

a.      Fezziwig
b.     Mrs Cratchit
c.      Scrooge
d.     Tiny Tim

18) What is snowball in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”?

a.      Horse
b.     Pig
c.      Goat
d.     Cow

19)  In Victorian England who were nicknamed Robins because of their red uniforms?

a.      Fire men
b.     Police men
c.      Post men
d.     Yeomen Warders

20) Which pantomime character marries Alice Fitzwarren?

a.      Buttons
b.     Columbine
c.      Dick Wittington
d.     Jack the Giant Killer

21) Tie breaker: as the crow flies how many miles is it to the closest Bethlehem from Rolleston?

If you would like the answers click here

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