Monday, 24 November 2014

Banked Hours

Do you want to reduce your absence levels down to zero? Have you ever considered Banked Hours?
Banked Hours are a great way to get rid of your absence problems. If you are a running a shift operation you can use Banked Hours. Sometimes called Reserved Hours, Banked Hours are pre paid for at the start of the year. Then if an absence occurs anyone on the Banked Hours system can be called in to cover the shift.

The best part is that when the staff realise what is happening they can manipulate the system. They can swap shifts when they are absent and claim the Banked Hours for work they have never done. Everyone is happy. The company has no absence problems, the staff "think" they are getting paid for hours they never work. And the shift managers can relax because the staff are doing all the hard work of absence management for them.

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For Managers of Operations that involve shift working, there are a number of essential tools that they need to know about and use if possible. Banked or Reserved Hours is one of them.

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