Friday, 21 November 2014

Absence Rate

Do you ever wonder what your absence rate really means?
We have a model which can take your absence rate and tell you what that means in the numbers that will be off each shift.


Let’s take an absence rate of 3.5%. If you had 12 people per shift on 8 hour shifts how many would be absence on any shift?
Well the average is 0.4 of a person. So how many should you have on shift to be sure you never go short?
Well with 8 hour shifts running 24/7 that’s 1095 shifts per year.
On 714 shifts my model shows that no one would be absent. On 311 shifts, one person would be absent. On 62 shifts, two people would be absent. On 7 shifts three people would be absent and about once a year four people would be absent from the shift.
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