Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Shift Scheduling

C-Desk Technology is about making your life easier. With this in mind we have started an ambitious new project. We plan to put all of our 20 years of experience designing shift patterns for companies around the world, into an on-line school. So that we can help shift manager from around the world realise their potential.
Our first course is Shift Scheduling. This is an introductory course aimed at shift operations managers and HR managers.
All organisations running shifts have very similar problems, including: employing the correct number of staff with the right skill, accommodating annual leave and coping with absences. We work with organisations to set up mechanisms to calculate the right number of staff to match the workload. We set up procedures which allow all staff to take their holidays without disrupting the operation, and the means to cover and cope with expected and unexpected absences. We have combined our expert knowledge of shift pattern design and policies to create a comprehensive course intended to help managers tackle these issues.

Our shift scheduling course is about making your life easier. Giving you a better work/life balance, creating a perfect shift operation that meets your needs. The aim of the Shift Scheduling e-learning course is to provide you with the tools and techniques to implement an efficient shift operation. 

In Shift Scheduling you will find out how to calculate the number of shift workers you need for your operation, and how to design a shift pattern to match your workload and requirements. We will cover new techniques for covering vacations and absences. Show you how you can be a greener operation through using different procedures and improve your employee’s work/life balance.
Designing the right shift pattern is crucial for running an effective and efficient operation.

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