Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Finding the right shift pattern

If you want to know what the best shift pattern is for you, then you need to understand how a shift pattern is designed. Then what are the advantages and disadvantages of each and how they will affect you over the year.

So to makes things simple for you, C-Desk Technology has set up a website to help you understand the different shift patterns.

Shift Patterns

So it covers the main types of shift patterns. Including, double shift, 24/5 and 24/7. There are also a variety of shift patterns set out over a full year for you to buy in the shop.

Should you need more help creating the perfect shift pattern for you, C-Desk Technology also offers a training course and consultancy packages.

So you don't need to struggle with designing a shift pattern any more. Just select the one that's right for you from as little as £1

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