Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Christmas Party

When it comes to Christmas there is always lots going on. It’s a time for families and friends to get together and celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. So everyone likes to get Christmas off. Many businesses close for Christmas, they have a Christmas shutdown. But not all companies can do this, and not all departments enjoy a Christmas shutdown.
Essential operations, like hospitals, police, security, fire, ambulance, news, TV, power stations, phones, call centres, restaurants, hotels etc. cannot close over Christmas. Some can’t even go down to a skeleton crew.
So companies operate shift systems that go over the Christmas period and have special Christmas rotas. These allow some people to be off at Christmas and it rotates so if you work Christmas one year you get it off the next etc.
The Snow Queen's table photographed at 
Waddesdon Manor
But then there is the Christmas Party. Every company, or department like to have a little get together. Unfortunately a business that doesn’t stop for Christmas, won’t be able to stop for a party. So how do you get everyone to the party?
  • You could have two parties
  • Ask for volunteers to work
  • Give people a bonus for working and missing the party
  • Give people a day off in lieu for working that day and missing the party
  • Hold it over a shift handover time. E.g. party starts at 5pm till midnight with a shift change at 8pm every one can go to half
  • Alternate years so if you go one year you have to work the next
  • You could even think out of the box, so have a celebration at work and encourage your staff to invite their families. Then have everyone alternate between celebrating and working. Or if you can’t have visitors on site, why not set up a video link in the break room so that your staff can chat to people at the party during their breaks.

Christmas is coming,
The Goose is getting Fat,
Have you put you name in the Old Man’s Hat?
If you’ve off for Christmas, Lucky Old You!
If you stuck working, God Bless You!


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