Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Why Do Shift Workers have Easter Monday as a Bank Holiday?

Easter Monday, holds no religious significance, yet it is a Bank Holiday because it is the day after Easter Sunday. Therefore office workers get an extra day off. However, shift worker who work the weekend still have Easter Monday as a Bank Holiday.
Wouldn’t it be more practical to have the Bank Holiday as Easter Sunday which like Christmas Day is transferred to the Monday for Office Workers?

Employment Laws and working regulations were all created by Office Workers for Office Workers. So when you work shifts interesting anomalies crop up.
When an organisation is operating a 24/7 shift pattern, they need to revisit their terms and conditions of employment to see if it needs rewriting or if an appendix should be added for shift workers.
How to Manage Your Shift Pattern is a book to help you run your shift operation efficiently. There is a whole chapter on Terms and Conditions of Employment with examples of how to add shift related definitions and procedures. Available now from Amazon.

And while we are on the subject of Bank Holidays, did you know the official Christmas Day in 2016 will occur after Boxing Day.

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