Thursday, 5 May 2016

Shift Pattern Examples

There is nothing like an example when you are trying to explain a complicated problem. They are very useful tool for visualising and comparing methodologies and strategies. Hence C-Desk Technology has created hundreds of shift pattern examples to help you design and manage your own shift operation.

Office Hours shift pattern for five people
We have a number of shift patterns designed to cover a variety of operations from office hours shifts to 24/7 shift patterns.

All of the shift patterns were created in our shift pattern generator. They are displayed in Excel with counting functions to show the number of people on shift each day, the total number of sifts or hours each person would work each year.

We are now selling our shift patterns examples in our shop. If you would like to know what a shift pattern would look like over a year, or have an example to play with, then you can purchase the shift patterns from just £1 per shift pattern.

If you would like to know more about shift patterns, and the different options available, then vist our site at 

The perfect shift pattern is there, just waiting for you!

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