Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Booking Holidays

This weekend I was reading “The Art of Coarse Travel” from 1957. This lovely book takes you back to a time before the internet when going abroad was a far cry from what it is today. Today we can research our chosen destination online. With the help of fellow travellers who have reviewed, blogged and posted on trip advisor we can make in informed decision about where to eat and stay.

This book on the other hand reminds us of a time when travel really was an adventure:

The friend who has recently been in Florence, but staying with friends, is another type of person whose words and hints should be received with caution. Only recently we were recommended to stay at the Albergo B. in Florence; when we saw it we noted expensive cars outside and the name in neon lights. We did not stay there, but when we returned to England we told our informant that we had been puzzled by his recommendation of such an obvious gin place.

“Gin place? But it’s a sort of poor students’ pension place."

“Well, it isn’t now, we can assure you.”

“Oh. Well, of cause, I haven’t stayed there since 1920.”

Today we all know the best and worst experience from each hotel. We can see pictures from every angle. Yet holidays still hold that same magic. The excitement as your plane takes off. Then the relaxation when you are sitting on the beach in the sun and know that this is the reason why you go into work. It was all worthwhile. All those hours spent at work preparing for your long deserved holiday. Not even the mountain of work awaiting you at the office when you get back can darken those sunny skies.

That is why holidays cause managers so much stress. How can you say no to someone’s holiday? What you need is a holiday management plan. A way of controlling how and when holidays are booked. So that everyone can enjoy their Zen time on the beach!

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